70 Days. No excuses!

Well the countdown is now unfortunately on! In 70 days time my maternity leave ends and I will be starting a brand spanking new job!

I’ve loved my maternity leave, lots of fun baby activities and long lunches & cake with new mummy friends! However I’ve probably had a little too much cake (“I’m breastfeeding so I need the extra calories”) and not enough exercise (“I’m too tired because I was up all night with Baby B”) and none of my lovely work suits fit me!!

Part of me is tempted to just go out and buy a new work wardrobe but I am not happy with my size at the moment and I also want to be fitter and healthier. It’s therefore time to stop the excuses and get off my bum & work for it!

So I’m setting myself a challenge for the next 70 days!

  1. I will exercise every day, even if this is just taking Baby B for a long walk
  2. I will take up running and sign up to run a 5k run at the end of the 70 days (I am a complete non runner!)
  3. I will only drink water and herbal teas when at home (no more calorie & sugar laden fizzy stuff!)
  4. I will limit myself to 3 naughty treats a week (rather than the 3 a day I probably have now!)
  5. I will provide a weekly progress update on my blog each Tuesday to motivate me to keep on track. 

I will provide “starting stats” (I.e. weight & measurements) in the first weekly update next Tuesday as I want to use “proper” scales and not the temperamental ones I have at home! If I’m feeling brave then I may also provide starting pictures…..!

I’m pretty rubbish at motivation so I think writing down my intentions here and knowing that I have to report on my progress should help to keep me on track! 

Is anyone else looking to lose weight at the moment? Would love to hear your top exercise and weightloss tips!

X Becca

Sim's Life

6 thoughts on “70 Days. No excuses!

  1. This is good way to make you do it and keep on track. Now you have declared it to us all – you will have to stick to it. Hee Hee. Its a bit like the Weight Watchers public weigh-in. #PeerPressure 🙂
    Looking forward to reading your dieting adventures too 😉


  2. The first step in the weight loss hurdle is actually wanting to start the journey and you have some awesome targets set! You can do it, you really can! My top tip is find something that suits you, that you enjoy doing as it is a long road and it is so very easy to get sidetracked! Writing about it will certainly help – there is lots of support out there! 🙂 Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope to see you again next week! 🙂 Sim xx

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    1. Thank you! I think you are spot on about finding something you enjoy….. I’ve tried to set myself realistic targets as I know that I sometimes find it hard to stick to things! Will see you next week for #weightlosswednesday! Thanks for hosting 🙂

      X Becca


  3. I started blogging about my weightloss for the exact same reason – because it will make me stick at it. I’m using my fitness pal to track everything I eat and you can track your weight and measurements on there too. I too used the breastfeeding as an excuse for a long time, it was only when I started focusing on weightloss that I realised I was just mindlessly eating stuff that I didn’t really need, I wasn’t really hungry I just wanted to eat whatever it was.

    At first I used the 30 day shred too – back then Oliver still had 2 naps a day, my life changed drastically when he transitioned to 1 nap!! I want to get back in to it, but having trouble motivating myself at the moment. It did change my body shape though, which is exactly why I want to start doing it again, I am just way too wobbly and even though I’m losing weight I don’t feel like I look like I’ve lost as much weight as I have.

    Good luck


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    1. Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Will check out my fitness pal – sounds fab! I really have no excuses left now so I know I need to pull my finger out and do something. I’m not excessively overweight (BMI of 27.4) but I am the biggest I’ve ever been when not pregnant and I want to fit back into my clothes!!! The 30 day shred is amazing so I think I might start that again once I’ve finished my current 30 Days of yoga!

      X Becca


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