70 Days. No excuses. Week 1 update

So as I said last week, I’m on a 70 day mission to fit back into my work clothes before the end of my maternity leave…..! I need to stop making excuses and just get off my fat bum and do it!

This update is a little late because both Baby B and I have been a bit poorly (I know, I know – I’m starting the excuses already!!)

I’m really pleased actually with how the first part of the week went in terms of my attitude and effort levels! I exercised regularly, declined a beer at the Rugby and limited my usual chocolate treats – was feeling quite shocked and smug at how well I was doing! However, towards the end of the week it all went a little downhill when I got poorly and my friend visited with a whole Banoffee pie for just the two of us….!

Anyway – here’s a quick snapshot of my week:

Day 1 (Tues 21st April)

Gym session (treadmill, cross trainer & exercise bike)
Walked to Baby Sensory (about 2 miles round trip)
Day 1 of #30daysofyoga with yoga with adriene

No treats!
Only drank water & herbal tea

Day 2 (Wednesday 22nd April)

Day 2 of #30daysofyoga
Walked for half an hour
Took Baby B swimming & did a few lengths myself
Forrest yoga class (1 hour)

No treats!
Only drank water and herbal tea

Day 3 (Thurs 23rd April)

Day 3 of 30 days of yoga
Walked 2.2 miles to the park
Walked 2 miles to the beer garden

1 treat – white wine spritzer in beer garden (impressed I managed to stick to one!!)

Day 4 (Friday 24th April)

Day 4 of 30 days of yoga

No treats!
Only drank water and herbal tea

Day 5 (Saturday 25th April)

Day 5 of 30 days of yoga

1 treat – chocolate bar (Cadburys Twirl mmmm yummy!)
Only drank water and herbal tea

Day 6 & Day 7 (Sunday 26th April & Monday 27th April)

Erm…..Banoffee pie anyone?! All went a bit downhill from here i’m afraid!!

End results

Starting weight: 11 Stone 11lbs
End weight: 11 Stone 10lbs

So 1lb weightloss in my first week. I know it’s not loads but it’s a start and I am determined to do this!

This week I am completing a detox by eliminating gluten, dairy and meat from my diet. I’ll be eating lots of gluten free products, fresh fruit, vegetables and fish! I’ve gone gluten & dairy free before on the advice of my doctor to help with my IBS and eczema and I found it really worked. As my eczema is really bad at the moment, I decided to give it another whirl!

Has anybody else tried a similar detox before? Would love to hear your top recipe tips!

Wish me luck!

X Becca


2 thoughts on “70 Days. No excuses. Week 1 update

    1. Thank you!! Haha how awesome would that be?! No unfortunately its just a style of yoga where generally you hold the poses longer (ouch!) and also have more poses for hands/wrists. It was harder than the yoga I usually do!! X

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