70 days. No excuses. Week 2 update

So week 2 is done and dusted. As someone who usually starts off great with things like this and then loses enthusiasm and interest quite quickly, I really wanted to try and make sure that this didn’t happen. I do have work clothes to fit into after all!!

So how did I do?! Well I lost a massive 4 pounds!!!

Starting weight: 11 stone 10 pounds
End weight: 11 stone 6 pounds

I’m so happy with how I’ve done this week. I’ve really committed to losing weight with both an improved diet and more exercise.


Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD – I did this 2 days. Its hardcore for me and I was sweating buckets and had sore legs after!

Yoga classes – I did 2 vinyasa yoga classes this week and worked really hard in both of them. I’m loving the increased flexibility that yoga is giving me already even though I’ve only been practising a few months.

Swimming – I’ve done a few swimming sessions at the gym this week.

Running – I’ve done 2 running sessions on the treadmill this week and am still aiming to run a 5k over the summer!


So I decided to do a little detox this week and eliminate a few things from my diet that I know exarcebate my eczema (which is really bad at the moment) and my bloated belly IBS symptom.

This week I’ve therefore followed a no gluten, no dairy and no meat diet. I’ve eaten lots of fresh food such as fish, eggs, vegetables and salads. I actually have really enjoyed the food I’ve eaten and will probably carry on eating in this manner (albeit I’ll introduce white meats such as chicken, turkey and pork now as I love my nandos!!)


For breakfast (most important meal of the day!) I’ve had gluten free porridge oats made with almond milk with fresh fruit on the top. Absolutely delicious!

I’ve also loved stir fried crispy chilli and garlic kale with prawns and red peppers. And you can’t go wrong with homemade peri-peri sweet potato chips! Even Mr B conceeded that they were both nice and agreed to have them again! A result for the man who lives on starchy complex carbs and lots of meat!!

I’ve definitely seen a massive improvement in my bloating since eliminating gluten. My eczema has improved a little bit but still is really bad so will carry on with the no dairy for a while as I know that makes my skin worse.

Next week I hope to carry on with a more healthy diet (although I will introduce meat and the occasional treat!). I also hope to up my game exercise wise!

Watch this space! I will fit back into my work clothes and have a healthy BMI!

X Becca


2 thoughts on “70 days. No excuses. Week 2 update

    1. Thank you! I genuinely believe that I need to set a good example to my daughter so I’m working really hard to get more active and eat more nutritious food. I want to change my lifestyle rather than yo-yo diet! I’m actually feeling so much better in myself because of it! 🙂 X Becca

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