70 Days. No excuses. Week 3 update

Week 3 = done!

So how did I do? Well I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to keep up the momentum and stick to working towards my goal of reaching a healthy BMI and fitting back into my work clothes! I think that I am starting to get results and a couple of people this week have asked me if I’ve lost weight which has been a nice reward for my hard work and a motivating kick to continue!

Unfortunately Mr B had to work late tonight which has meant I haven’t been able to get to the gym to weigh myself on the accurate gym scales and have instead had to rely on my old manual bathroom scales. Although I’m not going to argue with that given that according to these I lost another 4 pounds this week!!

Starting weight: 11 stone 6 pounds (super duper whizzy gym scales)
End weight: 11 stone 2 pounds (old crappy manual bathroom scales)

In the interest of fairness I’m going to stick with my own bathroom scales going forward! It just means I’ve probably gained a little advantage weight loss this week by changing them!

Again – I’m happy with how I’ve done this week. I’ve kept up with my healthy eating and have exercised often too.


I’ve continued to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and have done 3 yoga classes this week.

Personal Training session – my gym provided me with a free personal training session where I discussed my fitness goals with a lovely lady who then put me together an hour long training programme. The programme features a mixture of cardio, free weights and mat work. I really liked how she was very mindful of the fact that my core may be a little weak after having Baby B (she asked if my abdominals separated) and she has included gentle core strengthening within my programme. This week I’ve done my programme 3 times.


I’ve continued to try to eat as healthily as possible and have eaten plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. I’m no longer on my strict no meat, no dairy and no gluten detox but because i felt so good after doing it, I have continued to keep my gluten and dairy consumption low. I’ve also only introduced white meat (chicken, turkey and pork) into my diet this week.

I’m trying really hard to educate myself about healthy, nutritious food choices and using this to then make ‘good’ choices when it comes to what I eat. I had a meal out with some friends this week and I chose a delicious prawn and salmon salad with mineral water rather than the greasy meal and coke I would usually have picked.


I don’t believe in a full on deprivation diet because I don’t believe that it would be sustainable for me long term and I would pile the weight back on once I stopped depriving myself. Therefore I am allowing myself the few odd treats here and there if I want them but I haven’t actually had any this week because I have been focused on a healthy diet. I’ve actually really enjoyed the majority of the food I’ve eaten this week….



I mentioned last week that my eczema had been really bad lately but this week it has miraculously cleared up! Not completely but it is the best it has been in months! I believe that reducing my dairy intake and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables has caused this.

I’m hoping that I can keep the momentum up next week and hopefully have another weight loss to report! Fingers crossed that I might even dip below 11 stone!!

Would love to hear any top tips or healthy recipes – feel free to comment your links below!

X Becca


2 thoughts on “70 Days. No excuses. Week 3 update

  1. Well done! I would also recommend Davina exercise DVDs if you’re a fan of exercising at home – they are excellent. I also really like adding some ready cooked (you can by it vacuum-packed in a pouch) quinoa to a salad – it really helps to bulk it out. Also if you want an alternative to smoked salmon, you could try tinned Mackerel fillets (the ones in spring water) – they are super cheap and very good for you x


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