One Sunday afternoon…..

One Sunday afternoon my life as I knew it changed forever.

After 16 cycles trying to conceive, 41+3 weeks of pregnancy and 58 hours of labour…..Baby B FINALLY made her entrance into the world.

Before this Sunday afternoon, I thought I knew what becoming a mummy would feel like. After all, I’d been a mummy to two feline fur babies for 6 years! How different could it be right? I REALLY love my fur babies after all. Yet once Baby B was handed to me, I realised that I’d had no idea what this moment would feel like. 

In all honesty, as I lay in the theatre immediately after her birth and Baby B was laid on my chest, I didn’t feel the overwhelming love that people talk about. I just felt an overwhelming sense of shock, relief and exhaustion. However as we lay together in recovery and I nursed her for the first time, the overwhelming sense of love finally hit me 😍 (as did an overwhelming sense of nausea as I vomited into a bucket over her shoulder…..!)

Lying there with Baby B snuggled on my chest, I realised that this was it. I was someone’s mum and I always would be someone’s mum. That this tiny little helpless bundle was mine. She would rely on me for everything. I knew in this moment that I was the sun, moon and stars to her and always would be (at least until she becomes a moody teenager!).  The enormity of that responsibility can overwhelm me some days, especially on the days when I feel completely clueless at this parenting lark! But I knew as I held my girl for the first time on that day, that I would always do my best for her and would do anything to protect her and keep her safe. I may be her sun, moon and stars but she also became mine on that day.

One Sunday afternoon my life as I knew it changed forever. It became a whole lot better 🙂

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