Wicked Wednesday #3

At 9 months old, Baby B certainly knows her own mind and definitely let’s us know it!!!

Little monkey does not like sun hats and has had several full on tantrums this week when I tried to make her wear one.

Eventually I gave up and sat her in a tent in the shade instead! Look how smug she looks at getting her own way!


X Becca


15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #3

  1. Argh! These babies are too stubborn for their own good! I spent half the afternoon trying to get Santi to keep his hat on and when he finally forgot it was there one of the other babies went over and yanked it off!
    We only have the rest of the summer to battle out…
    Alana x


  2. That little play tent is lovely and you’re right she does look smug sitting there. Mine won’t wear hats either and I get stressed out, because some are really cute 😊 #wickedwednesdays


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